Fire Safety Management App

Easily organise your fire safety walks and certificates, report incidents and keep track with detailed reporting.

Fire Walk

Schedule Fire Walks in your Hotel. Any asset can be tagged and checked, from Fire Exits, Stairwells, Fire Extinguishers, and Alarms to routine maintenance checks. Tag it, scan it, and complete the assessment.

Incident Tracker

Report an incident from your mobile, take a photo, upload and send. Receive live updates and change status and priority.

On Demand Checks

Check assets throughout the hotel outside the scheduled walks. Ideal for pre and post-functions, site inspections, poor weather or general walkthrough.



Design and complete custom checklists, from fire safety, housekeeping, pre and post functions, maintenance and kitchens; create your own using our easy-to-use design tool.

Powerful yet easy to use
Fire Safety Management App
To Streamline your Business.

Manage all your Fire Safety from One Digital Platform.

Stay compliant with FireCloud365

  • It’s smart
  • It’s efficient
  • It ensures compliance

Being responsible for fire safety management can be stressful, especially in busy environments such as hotels; however, it doesn’t have to be. Eliminate the paperwork and go digital with FireCloud365. 

You’ll save valuable time and be audit-ready in the case of fire safety audits or inspections.

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Customisable Task & Checklist Builder

Fully flexible and customised for your building. Checklists can be used for everything from Fire Risk Assessments, monthly slips, trips and fall inspections to food safety hygiene checks. 

  • Reduces time on fire walks
  • Never miss an asset

Download our most used checklist and other resources here!

Any Platform, Any Device, Access Anywhere

Our mobile apps make collecting and storing fire safety data quick and easy. No need to worry about data being misplaced; Fire Safety Management has peace of mind with all data being held on the cloud.

Use Offline

Is WIFI not strong in some regions of the hotel? That’s okay; you only need an internet connection at the end of the walk to sync the recordings. 


Detailed report each morning with all passed, missed and failed assets. Get in-depth analysis and an automated monthly digital fire register ready for audit.


“FireCloud365 has helped increase our fire safety awareness and has made our hotel safer for our staff and customers. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It gives us recorded Fire Safety checks that can be modified to suit any premise, which we use for daily firewalks, weekly fire extinguisher checks, and weekly bells tests. The daily email report helps us to resolve any issues promptly.”

Tony Molloy – Maldron Hotel, Derry

Mastering hotel fire safety LM

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