No Software to install 

Transform your hotel fire safety using the #1 fire safety app. 

No software to install or update – all fire safety checks are done via our mobile and desktop apps.

Easy to use app


Routine Tasks

Our solution is simple to use, NFC tags are placed in all of your check locations and scanned during the scheduled time using our mobile app.

List of Questions

Once scanned a list of pre-determined questions are presented on screen and each question is marked as either passed or failed. If a check is failed comments and a photo is added and is escalated to the relevant person or department via an in-app notification or email. Create multiple routine checks, daily firewalks, maintenance and cleaning checks.

On Demand Checks

Check your assets on demand outside any scheduled routine. Ideal for pre and post events, visits or to add that extra level of accountability

Log an Incident

Instantly log an incident using our mobile app. See something that needs attention? Scan the nearest tag or just type in your location, add notes and upload a photo and submit.

All incidents are instantly available in the incident log, set the status, priority, category and assign. See the history of each incident logged from creation to completion.

Upload Documents

Upload all of your certificates and documents, these are stored on our secure server and can be accessed at any time. Get a reminder when your documents expire.

Free Fire Drill Toolkit used by 1000’s of Hotels

The ultimate Toolkit for you to plan, run and record your next Fire Drill.

“Set up could not go any smoother and faster than that. If all companies would work so efficiently, we would be working in a completely different world. ”

Ralf – Operations Manager