Facilities Managers elevate your hotel’s safety standards with FireCloud365!

The cutting-edge fire safety software is designed for Facilities Managers who prioritise guest well-being.

Seamlessly integrate smart technology to ensure a secure environment, making every stay memorable and worry-free.

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Daily Fire Walks:

Cutting Unexpected Maintenace Emergencies

We offer a comprehensive fire safety management solution designed to proactively identify and address potential maintenance issues before they escalate into emergencies.

Allowing you to receive early warnings of potential problems, enabling them to schedule preventative maintenance and repairs before they result in unexpected emergencies.

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Incident report

Equipment Maintenance Log

Utilise FireCloud365 to record regular inspections and maintenance of fire safety equipment, such as alarms, sprinkler systems, and extinguishers, as they are crucial.

False Alarm Log

Facing audits and inspections from fire safety authorities or insurance companies can be stressful.

With FireCloud365, we provide daily and monthly task reports, check reports, fire drill reports, bell check reports, assets reports, decommissioned asset reports, completed checklists, and fire registers—all saved in one place on our server, ensuring you will always be audit-ready!

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Dedicated Support

Our team stands by to provide comprehensive support, ensuring you receive guidance and assistance whenever you need it.


With our FireCloud365 community group, you can connect with like-minded maintance managers who are using FireCloud365 to keep their hotels safe and secure.

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