2 Types of Hotel Doors every Hotel Manager should know!

by | Aug 29, 2022

Do you know the difference between a Hotel Fire Door and a Hotel Fire Exit?

This blog post will go through how you can identify hotel fire doors and hotel fire exits and what each is there to do.

Final Exit Door

In the photo below, you will see the final exit door. These are used to ensure that anyone within the building can get directly to a street, passageway, walkway, or open space in the event of a fire.  These doors must remain unobstructed and unlocked to ensure rapid dispersal of people from the building and that they are away from any fire or smoke. To emphasise a final exit door, we have also included a final exit door on a plane that is only used in an emergency landing.

final exit co lab
final exit airplane

Storey Exit – Fire Door

In the below photos, you will see different types of storey exits that may be in your building. A storey exit fire door is another type of final exit within your facility that is a doorway that opens into a protected stairway, firefighting lobby or external escape route. This will usually be seen in bedroom corridors leading to escape stairways.

storey exit 2
storey exit door 1

Fire Door

The below photos show what fire doors within your building may look like. Fire doors are a crucial part of any building as they are used as a building fireproofing plan. Fire doors are strategically placed throughout all buildings to compartmentalise any potential fire. Once the fire alarms have been raised, these doors will automatically be closed as they are fitted with a magnet which will release upon the sound of the fire alarm. This is done to slow down the speed at which the flames and smoke spread and allow all people within the building to exit as safely as possible.  You may see these doors in your corridors, bedroom doors, and other doors within your hotel.

Fire door 3
Fire Door 1
Fire Door 2

Disclaimer: This document is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal/fire safety advice. Each premise should review its procedures individually or seek out the advice of a Fire Safety Professional.

What you should do now?

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